A brash young martial artist, learning to harness his abilities with the help of The Akashic Brotherhood


Joshua Iwamoto, alias ‘Quadi’, is a first year student at San Francisco City College. He works part time at a small local market and is currently only taking one class: Cultural Anthropology. Joshua is always looking for ways to earn a few extra bucks and regularly signs up for market surveys and medical studies.


11 A.M. Test Subject, Joshua Iwamoto, receives fifty milligrams of Merk mescaline subcutaneously in the upper thigh.

11:20 The test subject reports acute sensitivity to acoustic and optical stimuli.

11:40 The test subject claims to be able to sense the history of the building and gives detailed accounts of events that occurred within the room over the past 100 years.

12:00 P.M. The test subject claims to be able to hear what others in the room are thinking. The test subject’s guesses at what others are thinking are surprisingly accurate.

12:20 The test subject is shutting his eyes tightly. He reports moving about in a room with no size or color. The walls of the room are made of hair. The test subject is asked to open his eyes. The test subject’s eyes are still tightly closed, but he says that they are open. The test subject then holds his finger in the air and says that he is picking up alien frequencies. He begins to try to explain why he must use his finger as an antenna. The explanation makes little sense.

12:30 The test subject seems unusually lucid. Heart rate and reaction time have returned to normal. The test subject is supervised for another 30 minutes before being released.


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