The Road to Ascension

By Chance, or By Fate?

Quadi, prompted by his master, sets out in search of someone to help rid him of a nano-tracking device in his bloodstream, placed there by The Technocracy. It’s a danger to himself and those around him, and he can’t be safe until his body is purged. After an unsuccessful day of searching for someone who knows the ways of Life Magick, he finds himself on campus at San Francisco State University.

Meanwhile, after long hours of study, Albert Matheson overstuffs his backpack and prepares to leave that same campus. Prof. Allison Croft had warned him, “There are dangerous forces lurking about this place. I’ve noticed their presence, which means they may have noticed mine… and yours. Keep your eyes out for a man wearing a black hood. You will feel him when he is near. I believe he is involved with The Nephandi.” As he walked he felt an unsettling presence, as a shadowy figure fell in front of him. The hooded man...

As Quadi turned a corner, he heard footsteps behind him and felt the unmistakable coldness emanating from a Technocratic Agent. As he turned around to face him, a man in a black hood approached them, running on foot. As the Agent drew his weapon, anyone in the area could hear a thud, followed by damnit!. Albert Matheson could be seen nearby, scrambling to gather his texts from the ground.

Quadi’s instincts kick in, and he attempts to wrest the gun from the agents hand, to no avail. As a shot is fired from the gun there is no bang as expected, but only a silent pewf. The hooded man is down.

A look of concentration comes over Quadi’s face, and his arms move like serpents. The Agent does his best to re-aim, but the gun is already in Quadi’s hands.


A very fun intro! Can’t wait to play again. I’ll be in DC this next week, but maybe we can meet the week after that? Hope you had a great trip.

By Chance, or By Fate?

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